Sunday, September 25, 2016

Simon Says: Gift It

We all hit a dry spell every now and then, right? Well, trying to get my feet wet again with card making (and blogging), so here it goes for Simon Says: Gift It -challenge!

This is a specially made shaker card for twins with their initials on the card. 

I used Simon Says Stamps "Tiny Ray of Sunshine" -stampset and corresponding "Baby Clothes & Crib" die-set from a couple of years back for the card.

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Before the storm

Alecia Beth - takista jäi lankaa yli sen verran, että tein lopuista Avant l'orage -huivin. Kaverina Wollmeise Purea Maus Jung -värissä, vaikka kontrastia vähän vähänlaisesti tulikin.

Puikot / needles: 4.0 mm
Langanmenekki / yarn consumption: Wollmeise Pure 119 g Ooohm, 99 g Maus Jung
Neuleaikaa tunneissa / total knitting time in hours: 24

Leftover yarn from Alecia Beth - cardi became Avant l'orage -shawl. The contrasting color is Maus Jung, even though the contrast in the end was a bit too little for my taste.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Alecia Beth

Ravelryn kanssa meinaa tämä blogi unohtua... Viime postauksen jälkeen on tullut kyllä neulottua enemmänkin, mutta jos nyt hypätään suoraan näihin uusiin. Justyna Lorkowskan suunnittelema Alecia Beth-takki neuloontui kesälomalla Wollmeise Puresta värissä Ooohm.

Modauksia tein suurinpiirtein ihan kaikkeen. Etuosan valepalmikot nyt oli ihan pakko kääntää toisella puolella peilikuvaksi, ne jatkuvat ohjetta alemmas ja nurjalla silmukkarivillä tehty valesivusauma muutamia mainitakseni. 

Projekti Ravelryssa
Puikot: 3,75 mm + 3,5 mm
Langanmenekki: 361 g
Neuleaikaa: n. 63 tuntia.

Oh right, I have a blog... I haven't stop knitting, but I will just hop over the projects I haven't blogged about and focus on the new ones. On my summer vacation I finished Alecia Beth by Justyna Lorkowska from Wollmeise Pure in the colorway Ooohm.

A lot of modifications to the original pattern:
- Adjusted stitchcount overall, incl. rows to inc. and dec. in the body and inc. in the sleeves.
- Bust shaping with short rows.
- Continued the faux cables in front longer then the pattern called for to better fit my bust line. 
- Mirrored the faux cables in the front.
- Used a purl stitch for faux seam in the sides and the sleeves.
- Judy's surprisingly stretchy bind-off for bottom, cuffs and neck.
- Knitted the neckband first to get all the button holes facing the same way. I have never had issues with the top button coming loose with an vertical buttonhole.
- Tulip buttonholes.

In Ravelry
Needles: 3,75 mm + 3,5 mm
Yarn consumption: 361 g
Knitting time: about 63 hours.