Friday, October 31, 2008

If ya'll all excuse me...

... I have a world to save.

From Piquantpurls

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post-shawl hangover pt 2

I finally got around photographing the Shetland Triangle I finished ages ago... The yarn is wonderful 100% silk thread from Colourmart namely
ColourMart Silk 4/56NM Lace Weight. I should have asked them to wound it double as the single strand was really, REALLY thin and I ended up doing I think 18 or something repeats more than the pattern called for :D Anyway, it is beautiful and is serving now as my autumn-scarf as it's not yet cold enough for the woolen ones.



It is pretty isn't it...

Post-shawl hangover

I feel like beginning a new project, but I'm swamped with existing WIPs, 2 of which are meant for gifts too. This is annoying limbo-state that I always get after a larger project - ideas whirling in my head but nothing actually catching on, hands restless but really nothing that I fancy doing.

Oh well, I made a few quickies during / after the shawl:

Short wristies for an etsy-customer from Gjestal Baby Ull

And Drops 104-4 felted slippers from Eskimo

Before felting

Before felting

After felting in the washing machine

After felting in the washing machine

The pattern wasn't too good, the slippers were left quite bulky on top of the toes and the seams are thick - will prolly end up snipping them off carefully. I used 200g of yarn, 2 skeins of both colors, and it was a close call, used up all of it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Wedding Shawl...

Pattern: Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern by Jane Sowerby (from Victorian Lace Today)
Final size: 66cm x 185cm (26'' x 73'')

Frantic knitting began 30th Sep and finished 18th Oct - enough time to pack it and send it to Finland. Phew... Quite nice a pattern, only problems I had was with the border pattern: just could not memorize it until three quarters of the border was knitted.

Clicky on pictures to get bigger versions!

Border almost done - reunus melkein valmis

Corner before blocking - kulma ennen blokkausta

Border close-up - lähikuva reunuksesta

Finished shawl before blocking - valmis huivi ennen blokkausta

Washed and blocked - pesty ja blokattu

Mmmm, pretty...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding shawl / Häähuivi

Friend of mine decided to order a wedding shawl from me with a bit of a tight schedule (1 month), so everything else is now hibernating while I try a mile-a-minute speed with the shawl.

Kaveri tahtoipi tilata häähuivin hiukka kireällä aikataululla (1kk), joten muut projektit ovat jäissä samalla kun tikutan menemään mahdollisimman nopeasti...

Yarn/lanka: ColourMart Cashmere Cobweb Weight undyed 2/40 (wound as 2ply, kartiolla kaksinkertaisena)
Pattern/malli: Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern by Jane Sowerby from Victorian Lace Today.
Needles/puikot: Addi Lace 4mm.