Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Oh dear fking god I hate Windows. Without much thought I let the automagik updates download and install SP3, I mean, it's been out for a while now. Seemed to be a very bad idea, especially for an AMD-based computer. So I spent the morning and afternoon trying to get the computer to actually boot up into Windows instead of getting into endless reboot-sequence. After pulling out all USB-devices, digging up old PS/2-mouse and keyboard (now I'm glad of my hampster nature...) I finally got Windows booted and got on to saving files. After few attempts it seems that connecting any USB-device will cause Windows to fail again, even after System Restore to earlier point.

Sooo... Doing some more file rescuing and then tomorrow it's the happy "Hey let's spend the day redoing all of our Windows installs, wee!" -day.


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