Sunday, September 21, 2008

New projects - uusia rojekteja.

On the needles at the moment / Puikoilla :

Apres Surf Hoodie for me from Sandnes Lanett (this was on sale @ Jens Hoff, 24 nok per skein).

Itselleni Apres Surf Hoodie Lanetista, jota löytyi alennusmyynnistä 24 nok (2,94eur) per kerä.

From Piquantpurls

Åge-Johan's grandmom turns 80 in December, and she is getting some knitted presents from us. Clematis Vine Socks from Novita Nalle Colori.

Åge-Johanin mummo täyttää 80 joulukuussa, joten puikoilla on parikin projektia lahjaksi. Tässä Clematis Vine Socks Novita Nalle Colorista.

From Piquantpurls


  1. Where's the finished hoodie? Would love to see it! :-)

  2. And you will see it, once it is ready ^_^ These projects are all WIP (work in progress) still, mostly because of the wedding shawl.