Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Wedding Shawl...

Pattern: Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern by Jane Sowerby (from Victorian Lace Today)
Final size: 66cm x 185cm (26'' x 73'')

Frantic knitting began 30th Sep and finished 18th Oct - enough time to pack it and send it to Finland. Phew... Quite nice a pattern, only problems I had was with the border pattern: just could not memorize it until three quarters of the border was knitted.

Clicky on pictures to get bigger versions!

Border almost done - reunus melkein valmis

Corner before blocking - kulma ennen blokkausta

Border close-up - lähikuva reunuksesta

Finished shawl before blocking - valmis huivi ennen blokkausta

Washed and blocked - pesty ja blokattu

Mmmm, pretty...


  1. I love the finished shawl! It's gorgeous. No idea where you got the patience!!!

  2. I have enough patience to share :D

  3. Wow - quite impressive to finish this in 19 days!

  4. *cough* I don't work *cough* :)