Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post-shawl hangover pt 2

I finally got around photographing the Shetland Triangle I finished ages ago... The yarn is wonderful 100% silk thread from Colourmart namely
ColourMart Silk 4/56NM Lace Weight. I should have asked them to wound it double as the single strand was really, REALLY thin and I ended up doing I think 18 or something repeats more than the pattern called for :D Anyway, it is beautiful and is serving now as my autumn-scarf as it's not yet cold enough for the woolen ones.



It is pretty isn't it...


  1. It's so beautiful! Like a spider web. Wish I had the patience for something like that. LOL I am using chunky yarn and 5.5mm needles for my wrap!

  2. Well, this was somewhat exasperating as I did not intend to knit it from quite that thin a yarn :D