Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magpie Magic Scrap(K)it Goth Modern testing

Sybille's been busy again, and this time the theme of the kit is Goth.

The little goth still living inside was sooo happy with this kit, it is absolutely awesome! The boot / shoe stamp made me squeal with glee :D

Here's what I came up with:

I knew I wanted to use the photo with my loooong hair with this kit. Sadly the answer to the question was "yes" :(

I used two of the stamps (you can see a "watermark" type of effect on the right upper corner and left bottom corner), one of the backing papers, one frame and one transparency. I stretched the frame to better fit the photo.

And then to the gorgeous boot...

Isn't it great :D (again, clicking on the pics will give you a larger version). It is positively spikeyh...

Recipe for this one was 2 backing papers and 2 stamps. This kit seems to work as a Christmas themed -one too ;)

Papers: MagpieMagic Scrap(K)it Goth Modern
Images: MagpieMagic Scrap(K)it Goth Modern

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  1. Lovely cards. I particularly like the first one with the 'To cut or not cut' on it. Made me laugh. :-)