Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another death in the house & a miracle

The death:

Last friday I was washing clothes to be worn the next day at our knitting group's julebord when our washing machine said "SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK-IIIIII whor-whor-whor-whor" and stopped. After some careful poking (and kicking and cursing), we deducted it was dead. I suggested a repair-person, but after SO checked what sort of prices one might expect, we went to the local Elkjøp instead... Our dear old Margherita had already reached the ripe age of over 10 years, so undoubtedly she wouldn't have had much more time left after repairs anyway. So, tomorrow we will be getting a new Candy - I guess that counts as an early christmas present.

The miracle:

Today SO was clearing the living room table, held up a ball-band and ASKED if he could throw it away! Apparently he is beginning to gain some insight into the secret life of yarn, because he obediently handed it over when I said "No" and said a bit sheepishly that he knew I might need some numbers from it or whatever. Aww, so cute...

On a completely other note, I've been swamped with gift-knitting. So far I've done 5 pairs of wristies, 0.8 right glove (frogged), almost-a-whole-shawl and am still facing at least 1 hat and 1 pair of gloves. I am so looking forward for the end of December and My Own Projects again.

Huoh, perjantaina kuoli pesukone. Kypsään, yli 10 vuoden ikään ehtineenä sitä tuskin enää kannattaisi alkaa korjaamaan, joten kävimme ostamassa uuden Elkjøp/Gigantista. Huomenna saa taas pestä pyykkiä kun uusi Karkki tulee kotiin... Siihen ne joululahjarahat sitten menikin ;P

Ukko saapi tänä vuonna Tali-Ihantala 1944 ja Raja 1914 -leffat, ne kun ehtisin jo tilata ja paketoidakin. Ja ennen kuin kukaan ennättää kysyä - ei, se ei ymmärrä suomea. Molemmista löytyy supparit enkuksi :)

Ihmeitäkin tapahtui: tänään olkkarin pöytää tyhjennellessään ukko kysyi, saako lankavyötteen heittää pois. Kuulemma osasi odottaa vastausta (ei), kun on jo oppinut että niissä on jotain tärkeitä numeroita :D

Muuten ei ole ollut aikaa sitten tehdä mitään muuta kuin lahjoja, oispa jo koko joulu ohi >_<


  1. It's that time of year - gift knitting. Hope no more appliances break!
    BTW, how's life in Norway? I used to live there until 4yrs ago too!

  2. Indeed, so do I... *knocks on wood* Life's expensive, but then again, at this time, it probably is everywhere.

  3. How annoying about the washing machine, but trust me the new one will wash so much better and quicker!

    I know what you mean about the gift knitting. I've been swamped as well. So far made a hat, 2 pairs of wrist warmers with 2 more pairs to do, a ruffled neckwarmer... oh, and I have to knit a bear. Can't wait for Christmas! (Mainly so I can get some sleep...)

  4. Well, the old one wasn't that bad - just old. But now we have a new Candy :)

    Stupid flu caught me and SO, so now the gift knitting is doubly annoying >_<