Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the garden...

We were happily surprised as we arrived to this new apartment of ours (military rental), and saw that we actually had an extended garden, because this is a corner flat.

We have bushes for the kitty to hide in:

Space for a doggy enclosure that really doesn't deter the cat one bit:

Wooded area for furniture:

And relatively soft soil for the doggy to dig:

And when a fox/rat terrier digs, he means business:


  1. Love your cat, what a beauty! Anesha

  2. On tosiaan kaunis puskatiikeri ja aika ihanteellisen näköinen ulkoiluympäristö.

    Jäin pohtimaan, millainen aita pitäisi rakentaa, jotta se pidättelisi kissaa. Siis jos ei halua sulkea koko pihaansa jättimäisen umpinaisen häkin sisään. Mahdoton tehtävä?