Sunday, August 23, 2009

New kitty-toys...

Went to Sweden today to "save" in food shopping... One drives 30 minutes from our house to across the border to Svinesund, which is packed full with stores aimed at the Norwegians coming to abuse the cheap Swedish krone (current rate is about 10 nok = 11.73 sek). Anyway, there is this petstore there where we buy cat litter, the price of one 5kg EverClean here is roughly the same or higher than that of 11.5kg across the border. Ended up buying some cheap toys for the kitty as well, but as it seemed, she liked much more the cardboard case for Ramlösa (for non-Swedes, it's carbonated mineral water in cans).

"What am I supposed to do with this, huh?"

"Okay, now THIS is much more fun!"

On another note, there is very little room in my craft den for even a small kitty to lay on the floor...


  1. Ihana tuo video! Se on joskus niin vaikeaa...

    Kyllä nuo laatikot on parhaimpia kissanleluja, todettu on täälläkin. :)

  2. Meillä on tuommoinen samanlainen lelu missä on pallo ja hiiri, se hiiri piti tappaa ensin ja sitten vasta kiinnosti se pallo :D

  3. Meilläkin on tuollainen videon lelu. Saatiin se joskus kun alkuperäisen omistajan kissa ei ollut ollenkaan kiinnostunut. Meillä silläleikki Hipuli aina kun joku vaan viittii heilautaa palloa ja muistuttaa mikä se lelu oikein on. Hiirestä ei muistaakseni ole paljoakaan jäljellä.

  4. Looks like all that playing was hard work! Wish my cat would play with all her toys!:-)