Friday, February 20, 2009

Bunny's new clothes / Väiskin uudet vaatteet

Background: this bunny is older than me and has been my companion since birth. His ears have been sewn back on numerous times, his eyes are scratched, he has bald spots everywhere and his stuffing is lumpy and has gaps. So he deserves a new fancy sweater ;)

Taustaa: Väiski on vanhempi kuin minä ja on ollut seuranani syntymästäni lähtien. Raukan korvat on ommeltu takaisin useampaan otteeseen, silmät ovat naarmuuntuneet, sillä on kaljuja kohtia ympäri kroppaa ja sen täyte on muhkurainen ja paikoin puuttuu kokonaan. No pitihän herralle tehdä uusi hieno paita :)


  1. Lovely jumper for a lovely bunny. My son has one of those much loved, much repaired bears that he has had since birth. However, he needs a new body again....

    What yarn did you use? The colours are really pretty.

  2. My bunny could use some stuffing... The yarn is Finnish 7-veljestä (sock blend, wool/nylon) and the color is discontinued - leftovers from few years back.

  3. hm, it's looking a bit tight... guess he's not as active as in the old days (?); has he put on weight? OR MAYBE YOU DIDN'T SWATCH?

  4. I smell tuna all over this post... :D It's not tight as such, he just is so skinny bunny! Besides, it's close to skin to show off his muscles!