Friday, October 30, 2009

Magpie Magic Scrap(K)it L'Hiver testing part 2

I must say, this digital scrapping is surprisingly fun - although weird things happen like with this layout, where the penguins got some weird pixels on them. Believe me, they were not there to begin with, but many layers, masks and selections later after saving I noticed them, and couldn't do anything about it. Need more practice...

All in all this was a nice change for the x-masy stuff I've been working on, some cute penguins from Sybille's kit :)

I also used one of the frames, the snowmandala black and white layer and the single snowflake mandala as a brush - and of course the penguin paper :)

Very pleasant to work with, and I seriously am boggled at these frames, they are so detailed! This kit will soon be available at Sybille's Etsy shop.

Papers: Magpie Magic Scrap(K)it L'Hiver
Images: Magpie Magic Scrap(K)it L'Hiver

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! I never thought of using the penguin pattern like that, but it works fantastically well.

    This is the great bit about having someone else test your kit first, you see what works and you see what else can be done with it that you hadn't thought of. Brilliant, thanks so much!

    Wondering now where you picked up those pixels... LOL