Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Craft room

Okay, I gave up on ever having my craft room "clean", so here goes:

I absolutely fell in love with this table from Ikea (link to the Norwegian site), because of the depth and the top shelves and the metal stands. All structures you see actually came with the table, the magnetic whiteboard on the right included! As you can see, the table is perfect for crafting: I can fit all, a 20 inch flat screen, wireless keyboard AND an A3-sized cutting mat on it at the same time! Also, the table can hold one kitten in various places during crafting processes ;P

Here's a close up on what's going on at the bottom left corner:

Mommy has such soft yarn and cardigan to sleep on...

Ps. No, the bear board is not ours - apparently previous occupants had this as a child's bedroom because it is the smallest bedroom of the three, and put up wallpapers to match...


  1. It looks great the desk from IKEA, gives you a lot of working space! Cute dog! Hugs Nilla

  2. Brilliant desk from IKEA - the perfect workspace and it does look quite tidy (by my standards). LOL

    Lots of space for various pets, too...

  3. Hi There! That is an awesome desk! I'd love to have a genuine designated craft space!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

  4. Voi kateus! Olisipa tilaa, heti tahtoisin minäkin oman sopen -saisin ehkä taas joskus jotain aikaankin. En edes muista, koska olen askarrellut viimeksi ja kortteja kuitenkin tarvittaisiin koko ajan! Puhumattakaan siitä, että varastoissa olisi kaikenlaista kivaa tarviketta..