Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are for positive dog training, but...

... it is REALLY difficult to remember it when the dog chases the cat on the bed and then pisses all over your feather filled duvet.

I'm just saying...


And to this day, my cat has pissed on the floor once - because her litter box had been put behind the door for 10 minutes while we were gone so the dog wouldn't eat the contents.


  1. Animals- gotta love 'em! Our dog used to poo when I used the vac regardless of whether he had just been out or not until it got that I had to put him in the garden before doing the vacing. My new vac does not effect him in the same way- explain that!!

  2. Riiviöt ovat tähän mennessä aina osuneet laatikkoon. Hilma-rouva protestoi (liian pitkää kyläreissua/poikien tunkeutumista hänen laatikolleen) pissaamalla työhuoneen nurkkaan. Kuulemma tekee sitä kotonakin, kun jokin ottaa katinpäähän pahasti.